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post-Vincent. Coloured Link for sketch_dailies a while back. TUFF.

pre-Vincent, coloured version of a sketch_dailies. Medusa soaking up some raaaaays. I want her suit.

It’s been FOREVER. 

Last day of 24 and first day of 25.



I see that I’ve reached 200 of you beautiful people. Thanks for hanging around while I post zero things for weeks. As a token of my appreciation here’s an artsy photo of me and my wee lad. Someday I will get back to drawing more often than once every two weeks. Until then, you guys are awesome.

Take care :)

…reblogging here because of reasons.

Managed to finish this off while the small Vincent boy slept. Cuuuuuute people are cuuuuuute.

I haven’t posted a good ol sketch dump in some time… Well here is a good one!

happy easter :)

Where is u, gurl?

lady babe.

Pele the Goddess of Volcanoes for the sketch_dailies.


Another one, another one. WE want another one.

Cutie patooties! Round one of the couples commissions are done! Tomorrow I start two families and then start batch number two!