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Le trio.

Me being cute. Uhuhuhuuuh.

The best Edward!

My hubs does not think I’m funny.

I’m hilarious.


My Vincent has been sick so I’ve been playing inktober catch up.

Are you back to doing commissions again?

Getting close! I have one left to start and finish and then I’m deciding whether to continue doing digital portraits or to drop that and start doing traditional work. It’s easier for me to work with traditional media… I dunno what that’s about. Also, I’m raising prices a little bit this time around too so… Soon! I’ll update my Instagram and let everyone know! ;)

Honeyyyy :3

More inktober samplings. What whaaaat. I haven’t done marker work in a while… And I would just like to say that it is making me so so so happy to be at it again. I feel a little more like me.


Daaaay 7. Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael. Also, Tink and Michael’s bear.

UGHHHH. Feel free to follow me on either blog because WHO KNOWS where I’ll post things. Guhhhh.

INKTOBER’D. Here we have a fine line up of specimens. A Sailor mercury, a babe, a sentry at Wall, Sailor Moon, Audrey Hepburn, my hubs and my baby, and the Baudelaire children. Inktober is lookin’ so spice right now. MMMMHM. Pumpkin spice, you might say.

Days one and two of inktober. Reposting one here because I am a boob and don’t know how to change things from my reblogging blog to my art blog. Whoopdeedoodledoodle.

Pretty kitties :3

Tried out gouache again after not using it for a long time. Needs more practice ;)

Found this sweet guy in my files! YEAH FINN! YEAH ADVENTURE TIME!